NEW cubers

Middle Layer

Match up Center and side.
Edge to Left => L
Edge to Right => R

R: U  R  U' R' U' F' U  F 
L: U' L' U  L  U  F  U' F'

nOLL Cross

Left and Top or None => LT
Horizontal Line => LR

TL: F  U  R  U' R' F'
LR: F  R  U  R' U' F'

nOLL Face

Get Yellow Sticker in the right place, then do the ALG
0 corners correct: Near - Left Face
1 corner  correct: Left Near - Top Face
2 corners correct: Top Left - Front Face

ALG: R  U  R' U  R  U2 R'

nPLL Corners

Put matching corners at Back
If no match, repeat ALG

nPLL: R' F  R' B2 R  F' R' B2 R2 U'

nPLL Edges

Put Correct Edge in Back
None Correct? Repeat.
Cycle edge to Left => EdgeLeft
Cycle edge to Right => EdgeRight

EdgeLeft : F2 L  R' F2 L' R  F2
EdgeRight: F2 U' L  R' F2 L' R  U' F2